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A brown dog getting a bath from one of our assistants
Proactive Pet Services

Provided by your friendly and professional veterinarian in Farmville, NC.

A brown dog getting a bath from one of our assistants

Forget everything you thought you knew about pet care and veterinarian services. At Willow Grove Animal Clinic…Get to know us better on the homepage…, we’ve revolutionized your typical veterinary experience.

Our excellent preventative services act as your pet’s first line of defense against common health problems. They help Dr. Susan catch small issues before they become bigger and more complicated problems.

As your Farmville, NC vets, we help you stay ahead of health issues so your pet can enjoy a happy, healthy, and long life.

How Can We Help?
Here is what Dr. Susan offers:
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Fleas & Ticks

If your pet spends time outdoors or hangs around pets who do, it’s almost inevitable for them to be exposed to fleas and ticks. Don’t worry – We help your pet by designing different treatment programs based on your pet’s specific needs and environmental situation.

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Every pet is different and so are their nutritional needs. We’ll help you identify the ideal food for your pet according to its dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance, and performance.

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We offer a one-of-a-kind routine and therapeutic bathing services for all of our furry friends. For these services, we use our unique hydrosurge bathing system to make your pet feel relaxed and clean.

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Thanks to our training, we genuinely understand pets and can help you to understand yours. We provide guidance and advice while correcting problems such as excessive barking, chewing, spraying, house soiling, scratching, digging, and anger management.

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We provide thorough examinations (from ears to tail) to ensure your pet’s health is in great shape. These exams cater to your pet’s needs and can include vaccinations or other standard services.

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We’ll help you protect your pet against potential health threats. We provide essential and elective vaccinations to ensure your pet enjoys a longer and healthier life – we’ll even send you a reminder when your pet is due for a vaccine.

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Heartworm Protection

Sometimes the most significant threats come in the smallest sizes, with heartworms being a prime example. The good news is that your Farmville veterinary can help you protect your pet against these parasites with oral medications prescribed at our clinic.

I've been taking my dog, Skeeter, to Willow Grove to get treated for heartworms and hookworms, and they have taken great care of him and me! He is a shy dog, but they treat him as well as they possibly can and make him as comfortable as they can. Dr. Susan is a great veterinarian!

Breanna K. (Patient's Owner)

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